Welcome to this little blog!

Hi there! I’m Lyka and I would like to welcome you all to The Literary Familiar. Now this blog will be reviewing various books by some well known and some not so well known authors.

The Literary Familiar will be on queue for all posts except for announcements such as this one.

And this is how the schedule is going to work out: Each Saturday of each month I’ll post a new review of which ever book I read that week; so that’ll make it four to five reviews a month. (Yes I do realize that that’s a lot of work for one person.) And on the fifteenth of each month I’ll post the next month’s list of books and which Saturday you’ll be seeing their review!

And if it ends up being that I wasn’t able to complete a book before it’s assigned review date, the next Saturday will be jam packed with two reviews. Don’t worry about not being notified though, I’ll be sure to make a post that says the review will be posted the following Saturday.

Now since I’m starting this up in week two of April, I won’t be posting any reviews till May 6th. Which will hopefully make it so I can get a few of the books I’ve chosen, read, reviewed, and queued.

I’ve also have a BlogSpot and Tumblr by the same name set up in case there is anyone out there who would like to follow me on those as well.

So look forward to April 15th for the May schedule!



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